My new Cricut Imagine showed up on Friday. I knew that it would be bigger and heavier than an Expression–but, I don’t think I was quite prepared for what a large piece of machinery it is. This is definitely not a portable machine (not that this is a negative point at all). I set up the machine and ran the update process which is done with the included Imagine cartridge. I calibrated the screen, the ink cartridges, and the cutting blade on the first try. I had absolutely no problems with any of the procedures and the on-screen instructions were very easy to follow. After that, I used my computer to update with the Cricut Sync software on my laptop. Again, it went off without a hitch. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive hearing some of the anecdotal stories (which is one of the reasons I was putting off this purchase). But, after undergoing the process and playing with the machine for a bit, I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. It’s really hard to relay in words what a different experience the Imagine is compared to the Cricut Expression. I can only say it is completely different. It really is an amazing piece of technology (that by all sources is only going to get better). It was actually thrilling to use it the first time. Watching the Imagine work is a true “Wow!” moment. I’ve barely skimmed the surface of its capabilities, but I would highly recommend the Cricut Imagine if you can fit it into your budget. It’s definitely an investment, but it truly takes the results to another level.

So, here is my first card project done with the Imagine. It was made with the Cricut Imagine and the “Imagine More Cards” cartridge.

This probably goes without saying… The Cricut Imagine does nothing to help combat that insidious disease that compels you to purchase Cricut cartridges. I received my Imagine on Friday and have three Imagine art cartridges already and uhm…..six more on order. Oops.



Well, I went and done did it. *quelle surprise* I fell prey to some very awesome early Black Friday sales. Even though I still had some trepidation, I went ahead and ordered a Cricut Imagine. (I may as well just give my bank account to Provocraft.) Of course, since I purchased the machine, I had to make a few additional purchases: two (2) packages of Imagine cutting mats, Cricut Imagine “JT” art cartridge, and Cricut Imagine “Imagine More Cards” cartridge.

Now, I’ve got to find more space and learn a whole new system. I just hope they figure out the whole Gypsy/Imagine compatability issue soon.

(P.S. If your in the market, has the Imagine on sale for $399.95 (and free shipping). Not that I’m trying to enable or anything…)