Winner–Giveaway #16: Pack Your Bags

I’ll be the first to admit, I think this was definitely the most challenging puzzle giveaway I’ve had to date. That’s not to say it was impossible to solve–and many of you made great progress. But, choosing a winner was super simple as there was only one entry that managed to get all of the correct answers! So who’s the very savvy girl? Hmmm…before I get to that, let’s take a look at the answers.

01. I am museum which holds the world famous painting ‘Las Meninas’ among its collection, as well as the largest collection of Spanish paintings in the World. Where am I?
Madrid, Spain

02. I’m located on the North Island and known as the City of Sails. Where am I?
Auckland, New Zealand

03. I was designed by Daniel Hudson Burnham and became an icon in my city. Some say I am also responsible for the phrase “23 Skidoo”. Where am I?
New York City, USA

04. I’m located on the Burrard Peninsula and contain the landmark Robson Square. Where am I?
Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada

05. Unscramble me: LARVA ACE SAUCE ZEN. Where am I?
Caracas, Venezuela

06. I was established as a trading town by King Gustav I of Sweden and originally named Hellssingeforss. My official languages are Finnish and Swedish. Where am I?
Helsinki, Finland

07. I am a fictional French speaking Belgian detective appearing in 33 novels. My creator and Guiness Book of World Records title holder was born here. Where am I?
Torquay (Devon), England

08. I am a symbol of eternal love and a mausoleum. I am also the World’s finest example of Mughal architecture. Where am I?
Agra, India (the building in question is the Taj Mahal)

09. Unscramble me: OBSIDIAN ALIEN. Where am I?
Bali, Indonesia

10. I am the capital city of this country that shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean, Angola and Botswana. Where am I?
Windhoek, Namibia

Thank you to all of those who took the time and effort to play along. As always, I really enjoy coming up with ways to torture entertain you. Be on the lookout for Giveaway #17 shortly.

So, who is the Mistress of Maps? The winner of a brand new Cricut “Pack Your Bags” cartridge, a selection of Imaginisce “Scooter’s Vacation” paraphernalia, a LaBlanche “Dogwood” silicone stamp, and some secret surprises is….Ms. Kristie Maynard. Congratulations on your mastery of geography Kristie! If you would please forward your contact information, I will get your prize package on its way to you. Again, thanks to all who participated.


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