Florals Embellished

This weekend, I finally had a chance to explore one of my newest Cricut cartridges–‘Florals Embellished’. I have to tell you that this cartridge is highly addictive and thoughtfully executed. In fact, I’m going to say it is now one of my top five picks of the entire Cricut library. You must have this cartridge in your library. There are a plethora of intricately (but easy to assemble) layered designs that consist of five to six layers. While there are florals, this cartridge is so much more. There is a terrific Middle Eastern/Indian flair to much of the artwork. I’d venture to guess that it was inspired by the beautiful textile designs of the region. Additionally, there are wonderful phrases and icon designs. I must have put together five or six of the designs already and there is something very therapeutic about these projects. Whether you just layer them on top of one another–or use your favorite foam spacers for dimensionality–this cartridge is just as versatile for the scrapbooker as it is for the cardmaker. ‘Florals Embellished’ receives my highest recommendation.


4 thoughts on “Florals Embellished

  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I really didn’t look at it because I have so many floral images already. Maybe worth a second look?? My biggest issue is my Papertrey Ink addiction. I spend so much with them it doesn’t leave much to spend elsewhere! And…. not much time to use other things, either!
    Thanks for sharing, Albert. I know you share my PTI addiction. I am looking forward to seeing what you make with the latest releases!
    Thanks for sharing

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