Giveaway #11 Winner!

Girls and Boys, let me first say that I’m impressed by the brain power of my readers! You all did a wonderful job with a game that was far from simple. Thank you all for playing–and I think this Giveaway has had the largest participation thus far. Many of the entries had all ten fruits correctly identified. Here are the correct answers:

01. poem at range: pomegranate

02. affirm like: kaffir lime

03. rad man it: tamarind

04. game nest on: mangosteen

05. bulk cry here: huckleberry

06. rate fur pig: grapefruit

07. ice lent men: clementine

08. pianist for us: passion fruit

09. road turf gin: dragon fruit

10. arc teen in: nectarine

Interestingly, some of these fruits appear on the “Preserves” cartridge. The winner (by random draw of all correct entries) of a brand new Cricut “Preserves” cartridge and embellishment package is:

• • Ms. Celeste Billman ••

Congratulations CELESTE! If you would please contact me with your mailing information, I’ll get your prize package on its way to you. Once again, thank you everybody for visiting and playing. Giveaway #12 will be posting shortly.


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