Gold Cricut Exxxposed (Adult Content)

I have to admit I felt like Charlie discovering one of those very rare golden tickets as I unwrapped my Wonka Bar special Cricut box. I wanted to share a few pictures of the unveiling and share a bit of my virtual joy. I have to tell you this critter is so shiny, it is nearly impossible to take flattering photographs of all his curvaceous bootyliciousness. But, I hope these give you a decadent taste.

A couple of notes:

  • My lovely Cricut pajamas were a very special gift from the lovely and talented Jackie R. over at Jackie’s Craftroom. They’ve been worn by my original Expression, my Green Expression, and now my Gold Baby.
  • I haven’t even plugged in the as-yet-unnamed Gold Cricut. At first, I had some trepidation about using it as my everyday Cricut. However, after some thought, I figure that I should enjoy the fruit of my labor (collecting all those silly points). So, I will be using this regal bug regularly.
  • I just ordered the four new Cricut releases (Happy Hauntings, Rock Princess, Winter Frolic, and Country Life) from Hallmark Scrapbook, which currently has all titles in stock.
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    7 thoughts on “Gold Cricut Exxxposed (Adult Content)

    1. He is a handsome one isn’t he. I think you are right and the pictures can’t do him justice, he is just so nice and shiny!!!
      And I see you are already starting to add up new points, eh? Have fun with your new Expressions and new carts! Looking forward to seeing what you will be making.

    2. Could you hear me “ooohhing and ahhing”?? I think I might have even drooled a little!! And you made Jackie cry!! I have my cover she made me too, it’s got ladybugs on both sides!! Congrats on your new shiny toy sweetie!!

    3. WOW I have been waiting for pictures since you posted you were sending for one. It looks like you need glasses to operate it. LOL Seriously, Well deserved. ENJOY and I hope to be inspired by what you cut on this beauty.

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