Giveaway #7: Give A Hoot!

With yesterday being the annual observation of Earth Day, it only seemed appropriate to make my next giveaway environmentally friendly. Up for grabs in Giveaway #7 is a brand new ProvoCraft Cricut cartridge entitled ‘Give A Hoot’. It celebrates Mother Earth and all her creatures–as well as providing recycling/Green themes along the way.

To enter for a chance to win it, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post sharing with us your best tip on recycling/repurposing/reusing something you use in your everyday crafting. It can be a tip about a product, an idea to use something in a non-traditional manner, a storage tip–any idea or information that will help us all think about being more “Green” in our crafting obsessions.

The winner will be chosen via random draw from all comments. The deadline to enter this Giveaway is Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. MST. Good Luck Kiddies…and in whatever you do, always give a hoot! 🙂


22 thoughts on “Giveaway #7: Give A Hoot!

  1. I love to burn candles. Every time one gets used up I melt the wax, wash the jar and fill it up with buttons or ribbon or really anything. 🙂
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  2. I finished up making about 40+ cards for a craft show that I am in April 24th (tomorrow). The first place that I went to for paper to use, was my scrap box. You wouldn’t believe how much I was able to use. ( But somehow the box still looks as full! I can’t figure that out. LOL!)
    I even cut up and reused parts of a card that I had received. Whenever I needed a piece of paper I looked at what I had left from making the other cards. I made several similar cards so that I could use up the whole sheet of cardstock. I spliced and segmented paper together to make it work. I was able to use scrap pieces for my borders that I punched.
    Waste not-Want not!
    mdot kdot schmidt athotmail dotcom
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  3. First off – I save all of my paper scraps when I’m scrapping. I have a tub of paper sorted and organized by color. I always go to this first when I’m making cards. Secondly – I always cut my dryer sheets in 1/2 and only use one piece per load of laundry. I also always use cloth bags at the store. No plastic water bottles either!

    Thanks for another great giveaway Albert!!! I’ve been wanting this cart since it came out!!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win. I have a separate set of drawers and put all my cut paper scraps in, which I go to first when making cards. I save the clear plastic containers that the cartridges come in to use on cards also. (I hate to throw anything

  5. I save scraps and use them as much as possible. I also will save the negatives of cuts. They are really cute to use also. I have a bin for my scraps and envelopes for small cuts that I don’t use all of. Like when I make more than one cut to get all the colors needed and I cut them apart to get the colors I need, I’ll save the rest to reuse for something else. 🙂

  6. I reuse and recycle as much as I possibly can. I am such a saver that sometimes I think I need to stop. I save all scraps that could be of any kind of use. I have a scrap ribbon container and keep all sizes of ribbon scraps in there. The other day I needed a piece of wire and pulled apart a twist tie that I had kept.
    Another think I do is save those buttons that come with shirts, blouses, dresses etc. they all go into my button jar.
    Clear jars are another thing I tend to keep. Especially if they are a really different shape, I keep them and use them for storing my crafting supplies.
    I don’t know if these are different than anyone else, but they are a few things I do to recycle, repurpose and reuse.

  7. I look at everything in my life with an eye to use it for scrapping. I use cereal boxes as chipboard. I use gift bag handles as ribbon. I cut out cute figures that are on greeting cards and gift bags that I receive. I use old formula and baby wipe containers (glammed up, of course) to store paints and glitters. I never toss out a container unless I am absolutely sure I can’t use it for storage. Reuse is my motto!

  8. One thing I do is to use my scraps. I love to make cards and most of it comes out of my scrap box. Another thing I do is re-use cards given to me (mainly Christmas cards). I’ll add a little bling to them to make them my own, but they can turn out really cute!!

  9. In addition to saving my scraps, I also reuse any type of clear plastic container. The other day I bought a tape dispenser and it came in this cute clear box. I saved it. I also save the sheets that stamps come on and paint with acrylics and put on cards.

    The other thing I do (I know this is kinda weird) is save my toilet paper rolls. You can reuse these by flattening 4 or so out, sanding them, covering them with pretty paper, decorating them and then attaching an eyelet to the corner. They make very cute little gifts for teenage girls and can be decorated in many ways.

    Anyway, these are just some of the things I do. Thanks Albert for this fantastic giveaway…You ROCK!!

  10. The only thing I can think of, and I know this is what most others are saying, is save your scraps. Even the smallest piece of paper can be useful. I’ve gotten much better about using mine, so much so that I actually haven’t bought any new paper in *gasp* nearly three weeks!

  11. I save caps from jars, soda bottles, juice bottles. They are great for putting glue, paint, beads, anything small. I also reuse them to place flux in when I’m soldering my stain glass pieces. The last use I have for them is in craft projects like bases for pincushions I make out of cloth, knit or crochet.

  12. I save my empty make-up pots and keep brads in them (they are clear).
    I melt down the kids broken crayons in muffin tins to make new multi-colored chunky crayons.
    I save all the backing sheets that the posters at work come on- it is heavy weight white paper and makes great mini-albums.

  13. As most of us do, I save everything I can to recycle on my projects. Things I get in the mail, found objects, cards others give me, I save it all. All of my scraps are sorted by color, I go there first. Mis-cuts are put in a box and salvaged if I can. And…. all packaging materials either for direct use or as scraps to cover my work station.
    Thanks for the give-away and your informative blog.

  14. Being somewhat new to paper crafting, I also save my scraps. I recently took some small pieces and made a paper quilt. I really liked reading over the other people’s comments. That really was helpful and will be easy to put into use.

  15. I used a plastic sock organizer to store my inkpads in. The holder stands vertically with dividers to hold 3 inkpads in each section. I have about 45 inkpads stored in it. When /if I move on to getting an “official” inkpad storage unit, I can use the sock holder in my dresser for it original intended use. Cost was a lot cheaper also.

  16. Wow! I want this cartridge SOOOOOOOOOOO much. You have NO IDEA.

    Recycling tip….hmm….but when I do get plastic bags at the grocery store, I use them in my smaller garbage containers, for dog poop, and whatever else. I even use plastic bags I get from other people–until they are no longer usable. Then they get recycled, you know, unless they’ve been used for dog poop.

  17. I am trying to win this cartridge for my daughter (who is making everyone currently in the apartment enter this giveaway). My recycling tip isn’t all that original. It is to wait until I have enough laundry to do full loads. I like Deborah’s idea.

  18. My tip is this—keep towels in the car to wash your windows, then throw them in the washing machine, and you’re good to go. So much better than using paper towels for spots on the windshield.

    Yes, I’m another member of the “Give a Hoot” apartment party!

  19. I love this cartridge–
    I like to reuse as much as possible–I use my shipping boxes from on line craft stores to ship blog candy in, I keep my scraps and use them to make test cuts –waist not want not–and I make sure to donate any items I am through with that could be used by someone else to a local womens church organization!

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